Zone:,/chromogenous1334343.html,Two,[DVD],/,1363円,,Twilight,[Import],Volume,DVD , TVドラマ , アメリカのTVドラマ 1363円 Twilight Zone: Volume Two / [DVD] [Import] DVD TVドラマ アメリカのTVドラマ 1363円 Twilight Zone: Volume Two / [DVD] [Import] DVD TVドラマ アメリカのTVドラマ Twilight Zone: 売り込み Volume Two DVD Import Zone:,/chromogenous1334343.html,Two,[DVD],/,1363円,,Twilight,[Import],Volume,DVD , TVドラマ , アメリカのTVドラマ Twilight Zone: 売り込み Volume Two DVD Import

Twilight Zone: 売り込み Volume メイルオーダー Two DVD Import

Twilight Zone: Volume Two / [DVD] [Import]


Twilight Zone: Volume Two / [DVD] [Import]

Twilight Zone: Volume Two / [DVD] [Import]

Every episode here is classic "Time Enough At Last" is owned by Burgess Meredith in a great performance, and that twist at the end! "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" is timeless really in the warning to not turn so easily on ourselves. And it is too easy. "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" features a great performance from he who would be Kirk, William Shatner, as a man in recovery who keeps seeing something. Out there. On the wing. But only when no one else is looking. Re-made for Twilight Zone The Movie, and effectively parodied on The Simpsons, with a school bus instead of a plane. "The Odyssey of Flight 33" takes place entirely on a passenger plane but succeeds in taking us away with it Will this lost plane, crew and passengers ever find their way back home. The premise of this episode is begging to be pilfered by Doctor Who. I liked the graphic novel version of this episode as well. Twilight Zone fans or friends/family of fans should check those out for gift ideas.
I love, love, LOVE Twilight Zone. This classic late-50's and early 60's late night show was always a favorite of mine, but I love it even more now that I'm old enough to "wax nostalgic." These are great, gripping stories that hold your interest and make you THINK.I think of them as Science Fictionalized Aesop's Fables. There's always a lesson/moral and it isn't always the obvious "trail to the plot line" linear story. Rod Serling was a fantastic writer (even when simply adapting a script) and introduces each episode himself. There's also some great acting by some classic actors, early in their careers.Each volume has four episodes; I've ordered several and am REALLY enjoying this trip down memory lane. As a kid, these scared the daylights out of me; as an adult, I simply appreciate the acting and storytelling (no nightmares, yet : ), unlike my childhood experiences after watching these). GREAT entertainment; the video transfer and audio is excellent. Highly recommended!
I own nearly all of the T.Z. discs. Today, I made a list of my most favorite episodes and my "next-most-favorite" episodes. It turned out that Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 9, came out ahead of all of the other volumes. Shown below are my narratives on my favorite episodes. VOLUME TWO has the eternally great: TIME ENOUGH AT LAST and NIGHTMARE at 20,000 FEET. Monsters are Due on Maple Street is very good as well. The fourth story on this disc, is The Odyssey of Flight 33. This is a mildly entertaining episode, and not in any way annoying.The commentary below provides my overview of the entire black and white T.Z. series Immediately below is a list of T.Z. episodes that I've watched at least 25 times each. Without these particular episodes, I would not be me. For some of these stories, I provide a reason why the episode contributes to my personna. And below these, I provide the names of other T.Z. episodes that are charming and engaging enough to watch once every year or so.NECESSARY FOR LIFE.(1) Kick the Can. This story, along with Walking Distance and A Stop at Willoughby are the most nostalgic of the T.Z. episodes. If I was required to watch Kick the Can every week for the next ten years, that would be quit fine with me. I love Kick the Can.(2) A Game of Pool. Stars Jonathan Winters.(3) What's in the Box. This stars William Damarest, Joan Blondell, and Sterling Holloway. Damarest and Blondell are a married couple. They fight with each other just like my parents used to do in the 1950s and 1960s. What's in the Box lends a comedic frosting to my childhood memories.(4) One for the Angels. This stars Ed Wynn. This T.Z. episode concerns a deal made with The Devil. This movie is soooo charming it almost makes me want to cry. This is one of the many T.Z. episodes that stars a child. THE BIG TALL WISH, which is about boxing, also stars a child actor.(5) Nick of Time. Stars William Shatner as a superstitious young husband during a visit to a cafe in a small town. Don't miss the other great episode starring William Shatner, namely Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.(6) Mind and the Matter. This stars Shelley Berman. This T.Z. episodes speaks my own opinion about noisy workplace arrangements, for example, noisy workplace arrangement involving cubicles. For this reason, watching Mind and the Matter over and over and over has become my religion.(7) Steel. This stars Lee Marvin. More than any other T.Z. episode, this teaches the virtue of continuing and persevering, despite adversity.(8) Thirty-Fathom Grave. This stars Mike Kellin as the mentally-deranged "Chief Bell." Perhaps the reason Iike THIRTY-FATHOM GRAVE so much, is that it concerns a submarine. Some of my favorite movies are submarine movies, e.g., RUN SILENT RUN DEEP, CRIMSON TIDE, 1941, and U-571. This T.Z. episode also stars Simon Oakland as "Captain Beecham." I was amazingly and stunningly and pleasantly surprised to learn, this year, that Simon Oakland starred in THE SAND PEBBLES starring Steve McQueen. Simon Oakland is also in the T.Z. episode, A World of Difference, where Simon Oakland plays a director (the man who cries, "Cut!") of a television program.(9) A Stop at Willoughby. This stars James Daly as the overworked advertising executive. The story reminds me of part of my childhood. In this T.Z. episode, James Daly has repeated dreams during his trainride commute of returning to a simpler time, to living in a small rural town in New England. Perhaps that is why I love A Stop at Willoughby so much -- because I was raised in the outskirts of New Haven, Connecticut. At that time, I had some experience riding the same type of commuter train as featured in A Stop at Willoughby. The ironic ending in this T.Z. episode is among the very best of all the T.Z. episodes, and is equal in greatness to that of TO SERVE MAN, NIGHT CALL (old lady communicating to dead boyfriend), and TIME ENOUGH AT LAST.(10) Printer's Devil. This stars Burgess Meredith, Robert Sterling, and Pat Crowley. The rapport between Mr. Meredith and Mr. Sterling in the scene in this movie that involves putting a signature on The Devil's contract, could be better than rapport between actors in any other movie in the history of cinema. This scene with the contract-signature really cooks.(11) Person or Persons Unknown. This stars Richard Long in the character of "David Gurney." His last name comes from the fact that the character is being committed to a hospital. Get it? Get it?(12) A Piano in the House. This stars Barry Morse as the cruel theater critic. And who cannot fall in love with Cyril Delavanti. What a delight is the Cyril Delavanti character in this T.Z. story. Cyril Delavanti also plays a delightful character in A Penny for your Thoughts.(13) A Penny for your Thoughts. This stars Dick York. Dick York has charmed millions of Americans with his starring role in INHERIT THE WIND, starring Gene Kelly, Frederic March, and Spencer Tracy.(14) Time Enough at Last. This T.Z. episode is so great that I quivver with humility at the thought that I might types few words about it. It stars Burgess Meredith as the incompetent bank clerk, who had the luck to marry a nagging wife. The nagging wife is played by Jacqueline deWit. Her character is strident in the same way as the wife of Gunther Toody, in CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU. The ironic ending is one of the greatest of all ironic endings in literary history.(15) The Fever. This is about a man who initially harbors the notion that gambling is immoral, but who becomes converted to a gambling addict during a trip to a hotel that has gambling machines.(16) Cavender is Coming. This stars Carol Burnett. This is one of the "workplace situation" T.Z. episodes. It seems that I love the T.Z. episodes that feature "workplace situations" the most. The "workplace situation" T.Z. episodes include, Stop at Willoughby, Mr. Bevis, Printer's Devil, and Mind and the Matter.(17) A World of Difference. This is another "workplace situation" T.Z. episode. The plot involves a man doing his daytime job, when it suddenly turns out, he is only acting in a play.CHARMING AND ENGAGING.(1) Walking Distance. Concerns nostalgia for childhood. I have plenty of that, since my grandma was the best of the best of the best of the best of the best, and because I had lots of friends from the years 1955 to 1960.(2) To Serve Man. Although To Serve Man is one of the greatest of the greatest of the T.Z. episodes, for some reason I only watch it every three years, and not more often.(3) The Shelter. This stars Larry Gates who plays a doctor. The plot is about a false air-raid warning about an attack by Russian missiles. Larry Gates also performs in YOUNG SAVAGES. YOUNG SAVAGES is one of the greatest films in history. It stars Burt Lancaster, as well as Telly Savalas (Telly Savalas also starred in the T.Z. episode, Living Doll) and Edward Andrews (Edward Andrews stars in two T.Z. episodes).(4) Third from the Sun. This stars Edward Andrews, who was so delightfully creepy in another T.Z. episode, You Drive.(5) You Drive. Concerns a hit-and-run driver and the fact that he is haunted by his own automobile.(6) Living Doll. This stars Telly Savalas. This is a great "starter Twilight Zone" episode that is suitable for introducing children of the age of eight or nine to the T.Z. series.(7) Mr. Dingle the Strong. Stars Burgess Meredith. Not to be missed in this T.Z. episode is Don Rickles. Don Rickles also has a part in RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, one of the greatest of the greatest of movies.(8-22) Okay, now I will just list the titles of the rest of my favorite T.Z. episodes. They are, Sixteen Millimeter Shrine, Prime Mover, Mr. Garrity and the Graves, Mighty Casey, Caesar and Me, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, Night of the Meek, Mr. Bevis, The Silence, The Dummy, Big Tall Wish, Night Call, A World of Difference, Judgement Night, Purple Testament, and Monsters are Due on Maple Street.COLOR TWILIGHT ZONE. Many of the color Twilight Zone episodes are quite excellent. The best of these include, Execution of Grady Finch and Shades of Guilt. The color Outer Limits episode "Time to Time" concerns time travel back to Berkeley in the year 1969, and this story is one of my all-time-favorite stories.


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